A. Marine Mastic

Up until the mid 90’s mastic blocks were used which were awkward to handle and took a long time to re-melt on the lay-barges resulting in the mastic holding up production.

Marine Mastic Granules were introduced in 1997 and resulted in a new world record for the length of pipeline placed in 24 hours. The granules are easier to handle and melt more quickly. The original product is patented and since then its supply has been improved to serve the different requirements of the offshore pipeline industry.

Industry standard material - D2/S

High Temperature – D2/HS

The difference is the amount of, and grade of the Oxidised Bitumen. For higher temperature lines a bitumen with a higher softening point, and a lower penetration is used.

Bespoke Grades

Aggregate types can be varied to alter the density of the Marine Mastic. Bitumen grade can be varied to suit conditions and climates.

Marine Mastic

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